About the Village of Hillburn

Nestled in the Ramapo Mountains, some 40 miles from the big apple, exists a small New England like village of  approximately 1,000 people.

Hillburn is unique among the many villages, towns, and hamlets that exist throughout this region of the country.  Our village, for the past 100+ years, due to geographic location, has remained isolated and insulated from the rapid and sometimes uncontrolled growth experienced by the rest of Rockland County. 

This has had a positive effect on our community.  We, as a community, have been able to maintain some basic human values, such as concern for family and neighbors, respect for our elders, service to others, self reliance and responsibility.  It is because of these values, that Hillburn has always been a wonderful place to live and raise children

At our centennial year, our Village reflected on the past and allowed us, as a community to recognize that Hillburn is unique for many reasons, but especially for our greatest strength - our diversity.  No other village of our size can boast of such a rich, cultural and ethnic background.  Hillburn citizens represent a microcosm of all Americans, for we are proud inheritors of the simple notion that built our great nation:

That the future can be better than the present and that every individual has a personal and moral responsibility to make it so.